Victor Melendez, Senior Human Resources Business Partner with AltaMed Health Services Corporation since 2009, oversees about 2,000 employees in more than 50 locations in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

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Focus Areas of the Society for Human Resource Management

By Victor Melendez

Victor Melendez, an experienced human resources organization manager, currently serves as a Senior HR Business Partner with AltaMed Health Care in Los Angeles, California. To supplement his work in the field of human resources, Melendez belongs to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). A professional organization founded to support the business activities of human resource managers across the country, the SHRM sponsors a number of programs and activities to advance its mission.

Education: Through its comprehensive education program, the SHRM helps human resources managers prepare for the HR Certification Institute certification exam by providing a series of useful resources and test taking tips. Additionally, the SHRM gives members the opportunity to participate in the SHRM Education Series, which covers vital HR topics such as Essentials of HR Management,

Health Care Reform: Impacts on Employers and Employees, and Managing Individual and Organizational Change. Human resources educators can also benefit from the resources offered by the SHRM, which include curriculum guidebooks, human resource management journal articles, and longitudinal studies.

Research: Through its Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) employment report, the SHRM supplies a wealth of comprehensive data based on monthly surveys of human resources professionals in the United States. The LINE report includes valuable information on such topics as job vacancies, employment expectations, new-hire compensation, and recruiting difficulty. Human resources professionals also enjoy access to a variety of related research, including trends and forecasting, labor market and economic data, and customized benchmarking service.

Conferences: Every year, the SHRM organizes a series of conferences designed to keep human resources professionals abreast of the latest developments in the field and provide a forum for networking. The SHRM 2011 Annual Conference & Exposition, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in June, sought to address the most important issues facing the human resources profession in the coming years. The Annual Conference & Exhibition also featured guest speakers Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, and Michael J. Fox. In addition to the Annual Conference, the SHRM also sponsors conferences on topics such as employment law, talent & staffing management, strategy, and California employment law.

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