Victor Melendez, Senior Human Resources Business Partner with AltaMed Health Services Corporation since 2009, oversees about 2,000 employees in more than 50 locations in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

An HR consultant with International Consulting Associates, Victor Melendez leverages extensive leadership and change management experience to help his clients fill interim director and vice president positions in human resources roles. Victor Melendez also supports March of Dimes, a charity that helps pregnant women and families of children with illnesses.

March of Dimes’ programs include a recently announced partnership with the College Station Medical Center in College Station, Texas, that will provide information to parents of sick children in intensive care units. Using print and online materials, the March of Dimes NICU Family Support program will provide education to parents about the medical professionals, equipment, and procedures involved in ICU treatment. In addition, the materials will inform parents on best practices in caring for their children in the hospital and during the outpatient transition.

The program will also include an online community to help parents communicate with those in similar circumstances for mutual support. Through these initiatives, March of Dimes hopes to reduce stress and increase the knowledge of parents participating in the program.


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