Victor Melendez, Senior Human Resources Business Partner with AltaMed Health Services Corporation since 2009, oversees about 2,000 employees in more than 50 locations in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Victor Melendez, a human resources specialist, has worked in the field for a span of 20 years. Currently, he performs duties as a senior HR business consultant at Los Angeles firm International Consulting Associates, for which he oversees human resources activities for 200 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Mexico. Given his responsibilities, Victor Melendez is well-versed in all areas of Human Resources disciplines and corporate regulatory compliance.

Corporate regulatory compliance is essential to corporate functioning. Different sectors of business and even different companies have varying standards of compliance, but in general, the term refers to a program that is set up to prevent or correct administrative and legal violations relating to the business’ everyday functions. Such a system is designed to prevent legal infractions by employees, directors, and officers of a company. Despite the term “corporate compliance,” any business at any level of operation can be served by an efficient compliance program.

In an effort to promote good corporate citizenship, the U.S. government enacted sentencing guidelines in 1991 that require businesses to conform to specific regulatory and legal mandates. Businesses that do not follow these guidelines can be held accountable through fines, restitution, corporate probation, or forfeiture. Executives may even be subject to imprisonment for certain violations.


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